Here are some testimonials from those who have worked with me or read some of my work.

thank you again for asking the difficult questions in such a considerate way.

Thought provoking

your scm post popped up on my news feed, and I thought it was beautifully lyrical and honest. I love the thought of golden cracks and identify with semi colons rather than full stops. You are one of the good guys – keep the faith!!


☺ Thank my son for teaching me so much!! No one should have to carry such burden to be so misunderstood and disrespected for being just who they are. It should not be your job to educated the ignorant masses. I am committed to doing what I can in that regard. 💕


Hello. Just wanted to say I have heard some good things about this morning, so well done and thank you.


Alex brings a generosity of spirit, openness to/for critical and engaging conversations, and out of the box God-talk that will be affirming, challenging and a delight.

Gifted, sharp and promising

I am warmed with delight that you have recognised so clearly that what you are experiencing is a calling.

May your learning and recognising continue to evolve and develop and lead you to ever greater understanding, and may all of that enable you to help others discover the unexpected God who is always there to be fascinated and bewildered and stunned and woken up by – and marvelled at.

What you have written is brave, truthful, mystical, beautiful.