I’m here for you

It’s a really tough time to be trans in the UK. Anti-trans rhetoric online, particularly by people with huge platforms, has massively increased. The government is threatening to make public spaces even harder for us to access because transphobic voices are louder. They are seriously considering putting us in even more danger.

I could rant about why this is so wrong. But enough people are doing that already. If you are trans, I want to say that I am here for you. Please do get in touch if some pastoral care would be valuable. If you are not trans, I want to urge you to get in touch to arrange a session for your school/workplace/church/community etc on trans identities.

People are scared of difference because they don’t encounter it often enough. I want to reach out and meet as many cos people as possible to help them to understand that trans people are not a threat. If you are reading this, you are probably already on board, but I bet you have a colleague or friend who isn’t yet.

This new digital era makes it so much easier to meet eachother despite our distance. I am working on a new series of workshops, especially designed to be used online. They are as follows:

– Trans awareness – the basics

– Meet a trans person – a q&a

– Trans people and the Bible – it’s ok

– Trans in church – building inclusion

– Trans in the workplace – building inclusion

– What’s the problem? Explaining the threats to trans wellbeing

– Trans advocacy and campaigning – What can you do?

Please, please get in touch. Help me to meet those who struggle with trans identities and enable them to move forward.

Love and peace, Alex

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